Section 7 Homecrafts

 Classes 113 – 125 – Exhibits must be displayed on a plate    
 Classes 131, 132, 133 & 134 – Jars must have wax discs and cellophane tops    
 Class 135 – Jar must have a screw top with plastic lining    
 All produce covers provided on the show bench belong to the Society (TCHS)    
113*Fruit Carrot Cake (recipe here)—-
114*Lemon Drizzle Cake (recipe here)—-
115*Victoria Sandwich – jam filling /castor sugar top /no cream—-
116Ginger Bread (Not Parkin) – no topping—-1.000.600.40
1176 Pieces of Tray Bake—-1.000.600.40
118*Chocolate Cake, any filling, with glace icing top—-
119*5 Decorated Cup Cakes—-
120Coffee & Walnut Cake – any filling & decorated top —-1.000.600.40
121*6 Scones – Fruit or Cherry—-
1226 Biscuits—-1.000.600.40
1236 Pieces of Flapjack—-1.000.600.40
1246 Almond Slices—-1.000.600.40
1256 Mince Pies—-1.000.600.40
126*Decorated Cake (Judged for decoration – not Sugarcraft)—-
127*Fruit Pie—-
128Savoury Flan—-1.000.600.40
129Yeast Risen Product (e.g. loaf or plait)—-1.000.600.40
1301 Bottle – Home-Made Soft Drink e.g. Lemonade, Ginger Beer etc to be exhibited in a clear bottle—-1.000.600.40
1311 Jar Marmalade—-1.000.600.40
132*1 Jar Jam—-
133*1 Jar Lemon Cheese—-
1341 Jar Seedless Fruit Jelly—-1.000.600.40
1351 Jar Chutney (not Piccalilli)—-1.000.600.40

*denotes a sponsored class. For list of sponsors please see here

Please print and complete this pdf and return to address on the form, alternatively, email to

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