Section 3 Vegetables

ClassDescriptionEntry Fee1st
59 *6 Red Tomatoes – the ordinary type of cultivar – not Beefsteak, Cherry etc—-
60 *12 Small Fruited Tomatoes – 1 Variety, 1 Colour—-
61 *5 White Potatoes—-
62 *5 Coloured Potatoes—-
633 Carrots with tops—-1.000.600.40
64 *3 Beetroots with tops—-
651 Mis-Shaped ” Wonky” Vegetable—-1.000.600.40
663 Onions—-1.000.600.40
67 *3 Onions not exceeding 1/2lb each onion—-
68Dish of 10 Shallots – Pickling. No Shallot to exceed 30mm in diameter—-1.000.600.40
69Dish of 6 Shallots, Larger than Pickling—-1.000.600.40
70 *A Trug of Mixed Vegetables – judged for variety, quality & effect. Garnishing allowed. Trug (38 x 26cm) provided—-
713 Courgettes, not more than 6″, not less than 4″ All one colour. With or without flowers attached.—-1.000.600.40
723 Distinct Kinds of Culinary Herbs exhibited separately in water and labelled—-1.000.600.40
736 Kidney Beans—-1.000.600.40
746 Runner Beans—-1.000.600.40
751 Table Marrow – maximum 11″—-1.000.600.40
761 Miscellaneous Vegetable, not specified in any—-1.000.600.40
 other class e.g. Pepper, Sweet Corn, Artichoke    
77 *2 Cucumbers—-
783 Sticks of Rhubarb – leaf blades trimmed back to approx 75mm—-1.000.600.40
79 *2 Blanch Leeks—-
        Competition Rules for Class 80    
 1.The Championship class is for a collection of three types of vegetables from the following list of eight. The quantity of each vegetable required is given in brackets; and each type must consist of the same variety. Carrots (3), Cauliflowers (2), Onions (3), Parsnips (3), Peas (6 pods), Potatoes (3), Runner Beans (6 pods), Tomatoes (6),
2. All vegetables are to be displayed for effect within an area measuring 18″ by 24″ on a black base, cloth or painted. Parsley is allowed
 Notes For Exhibitors for Class 80    
 a) Carrots and Parsnips must have foliage trimmed back to 3 inches (7.5cms)
b) Peas and Beans must be displayed with some stalk attached.
c) Tomatoes must be displayed with calyces (the green flower bud case).
d) Onion tops may be tied or whipped using raffia or string.

*denotes a sponsored class. For list of sponsors please see here

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