Notes and Rules for Exhibitors

Please read the following notes and rules before entering a class and completing your Entry Form:


  1. Read the Show Schedule carefully and do not enter more exhibits than you have time to stage.
  2. If you have any questions, you can phone Janet, Show Manager, on 01253 822700 or use the Contact page here, so that we can help you to fill in your Entry Form. This will avoid your exhibit being disqualified by the judge.
  3. All Horticultural Classes are now open for everyone to enter.
  4. Submit your Entry Form by the closing date, Tuesday 9th August 2022. This year, you can submit your Entry Form by post (as shown on the Entry Form) or email using the link here.
  5. For 2022, all entry fees will be paid by Miss J.J. Stirrup (Show Manager).
  6. When staging your exhibits,
    • allow yourself plenty of time to stage them
    • collect your Exhibitor Envelope, with exhibit tickets from the Show Administration Table in the Show Hall.
    • place the white exhibit ticket for the correct Class Number as close to your exhibit on the Show bench as possible. Make certain that no other ticket is touching your exhibit.
    • name your flower, plant, vegetable or fruit varieties. Variety Cards are available when you pick up your exhibitor envelopes. Points can be gained in close competition.
  7. Keep the following definitions in mind:
    • Dahlias, Roses, Gladioli are “kinds” of flowers. Peace, Ena Harkness and Spek’s Yellow are “varieties” of roses.
    • A bowl is a container whose greatest inside width across the top is equal to or greater than its internal height.
    • A vase is a container whose greatest inside width across the top is less than its internal height.
    • No jam jars, milk bottles or plastic bottles will be allowed as a container. All containers, including plant pots, should be clean.
    • For the purposes of this Show, a spike, e.g. Gladioli or Antirrhinum will be considered to be one flower.
    • Grasses will not be classed as flowers.
    • “Mixed Flowers” will mean more than two kinds.

Finally, if you are in doubt about anything, please speak to Janet (Show Manager) or Alison or Judith (Assistant Show Managers).


  1. Exhibitors may stage their entries between 6.30pm and 10.00pm on Friday 12th August and from 7.00am to 9.15am on Saturday 13th August. Staging will not be allowed after 9.15am. This rule will be strictly enforced.
  2. The only Officials of the Show allowed to remain during judging shall be the Hon. Show Manager, Hon. Assistant Show Managers, Chairman, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer, with authority to co-opt.
  3. All trophies will remain the property of the Society but are held by successful exhibitors for one year. The holders are held responsible that all reasonable care is taken of the trophies. A Trophy Care Advice Card will be provided. Holders can if they wish obtain the service of a reputable engraver, to engrave the trophies with their name at their own expense.
  4. Any exhibit, if according to Schedule, will be allowed to win a prize, in any class. Any exhibitor who wins more than one prize in any one class may only count the points of the highest place towards any Trophy, the Presidents Prize or the RHS Banksian Medal.
  5. Points are awarded on the basis of:-
    1st Prize – 3 points. 2nd Prize – 2 points. 3rd Prize – 1 point.
    In the event of a tie, the exhibitor with most First Prizes will be judged the winner.
  1. The Committee reserve the right to cancel any class which in it’s opinion has an insufficient number of entries. In any event, if only one entry is in one class, the judges have power to award 2nd or 3rd instead of 1st, if in their opinion, a higher award is not warranted.
  2. Entry forms should be submitted by the closing date, Tuesday 9th August 2022.
  3. This year, you can submit your entry forms by post or take them to the address shown on the Entry Form or alternatively submit them by email using the link here.
  4. For 2022, all entry fees will be paid by Miss J.J. Stirrup (Show Manager).
  5. Exhibitors must provide their own staging material i.e. plates, vases, etc., which, along with other exhibits, so far as lies in the power of the Society, will be taken care of by the Committee and Stewards, but no guarantee can be given as to security.
  6. The Committee reserve the right to substitute vouchers in lieu of cash prizes, when circumstances are, in it’s opinion, suitable.
  7. The Committee reserve the right to refuse any entry, and all matters not provided for in these Rules shall be left to it’s discretion and it’s decision shall be final.
  8. Entries in the Horticultural Classes are strictly confined to produce grown by such exhibitors, and if called upon to do so, they must produce satisfactory evidence to support this. Where this Rule is violated, all prizes obtained throughout by the exhibitor will be forfeited.
  9. The Show is an exhibition of entries by amateurs. An amateur is defined as “A person who does not earn his/her living from selling the goods he/she is exhibiting.”
  10. Any articles exhibited at our previous Shows will not be accepted in Sections 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14.
  11. All objections must be in writing and lodged with the Hon. Show Manager before 2.00pm on the day of the Show. The grounds for the objection stated and a deposit of 50p paid, which shall be forfeited if in the opinion of the Committee the objection is not justified.
  12. Prize money will be paid out after 2.30pm and no later than 5.00pm in the Hall on the day of the Show. Any monies not collected by 13th September 2022, shall be forfeited and go to the Society’s funds.
  13. All Trophies will be presented on Saturday 13th August 2022 at 5.30pm.
  14. NO EXHIBIT OR ANY ITEM ON DISPLAY IN THE SHOW HALL should be removed until after the presentation of the Trophies, which is the official close of the Show. Time will be allowed for all exhibitors to remove their exhibits before the Show is dismantled.

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